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Stalk Your Target Customer

The value we provide inside the vault is from our learnings and experiences in the eCommerce space over the past couple of years.

Stalk your target customer.


Entering competitive markets is a good thing because, in a sense, you’re “fishing where the fish are”.



It’s the same thing with the fitness space. If you don’t truly understand your customer their deepest desires, aspirations, fears, and challenges, your messaging will never resonate.

Let’s say you’re selling a workout program to women in their 20s. They can use your program to look more attractive, feel more confident, slim down, build muscle, etc…


Rather than buying a program for its features, people are moved to buy because of emotional reasons that steam from their worldview.


That’s why we advise you to know your market deeply. If you do this well, not only on a demographic level but on a psychographic and emotional level, you’ll be able to innovate faster and create products that add true value.

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