Partner Access

We are going to need partner access to your Facebook Ads Manager, TikTok Business Center, Google Ad Manager, and/or Klaviyo Account*

This will allow us to enter your ecosystem and begin working on your behalf.

Emails to Add (If needed)

Facebook Ads Manager

Business ID: 1094246394420316

TikTok Business Center

Business ID: 7164009891860840449

CMS & Google Ads

Google Analytics

Klaviyo Account (Only If Applicable)

Your Customer Persona

We need to establish a baseline of who your customers are, what they like to do, who they follow on social media, what’s important to them about your product, etc.

The more detailed you are, the better targeting and copy we will be able to use right away.

KPIs and Future Plans

It’s important to establish certain KPIs (Target ROAS, CPA, etc.) that are necessary to succeed. Provide us with as much info below that will aid in drafting up our plan.

UGC Cretives Foundational Sheet (Only If Applicable)

The following form will give us all of the information needed to start finding the right creators for your brand and what kind of content will most likely resonate with your target audience.

Important Assets

We are going to need several important assets to hit the ground running. These include: email lists, graphics, and marketing material.

Please share any creative assets you already have including: logos, branding material, videos, studio photos, etc. with us on Google Drive (or however you have them stored).

Emails to Add

Kick-Off Session

It’s time to start our incredible journey together.

Walkthrough Onboarding Session

In case you run into any trouble or need help with any of the tasks required in this onboarding don’t hesitate to schedule a walkthrough onboarding session.