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Localization Strategy & International Expansion

The value we provide inside the vault is from our learnings and experiences in the eCommerce space over the past couple of years.

Localization strategy and international expansion.


By now you probably have an offer that sells. Taking it to other countries that speak the same language that you speak is a straightforward decision. If you sell to the US, you might as well sell to other English-speaking countries; Canada, England, Australia, and New Zealand.

We had a client from Australia that sold to the US successfully. They also sold to other big English-speaking countries.


The funny thing is that despite being an Australian company, they couldn’t get traction with their own market. Most of their sales came from the US and UK with Australia accounting for a mere 9% of their sales.


We copied their website and cloned an Australian version. We edited a few personalizations on the website like adding the Australia flag, mentioning shipping time to Australia, and telling customers that they ship the product from Australia.


We took it another step further by localizing their user-generated content, making sure that their blog and social media strategy catered to the Australian market.


Their return on ad spend improved by 60% to everyone’s surprise. We helped them spend three or four times more in Australia and 3X their revenue from Australian customers while improving ROAS.


So the secret to making this strategy work is creating a localized presence for each new market that you enter. You need a website for that country. You need a phone number for that country. You need to sell products that cater to that country.


We also had another client from Europe which we scaled to over $5MM using a similar localized approach in Europe. We’ve written a case study about it so if you’re interested you can click HERE or you can visit our Case Study page and take a look.

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