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Creating An Irresistible Offer For Your Fitness Brand

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Creating an irresistible offer for your fitness brand.


Creating an irresistible offer can be really difficult in today’s time and with so much competition in the space but if you manage to pull it off, you’ll get such an amazing competitive advantage that it can completely shift and revolutionize your business.


And by irresistible offer I don’t mean “really good offer”, I mean that an offer is soo good that your customers just can’t say no to it. So to hit the next level in your business, it becomes really important to create your own unique irresistible offer.


One of the best examples would definitely be Lumin. Why Lumin? Lumin offers men’s skincare and sells it as a subscription but people don’t want to sign up for a subscription on a product that they never tried before (Would you?).


So they decided to run a free-month-subscription offer where they gave a customer a free product for their first month and if customers didn’t cancel after their first month they automatically transitioned them to their subscription service.


Just because of their offer they made multi-millions of dollars and launched Lumin to an eight-figure brand and it’s all because of the offer that allowed them to scale. Sure they lost money on the front but they knew they’ll be profitable in the long term with their subscription model.
The offer itself was so irresistible in the eyes of the customer. To get a month’s worth of product for free that it was a no-brainer to switch over to a monthly subscription.


While there is no formula for creating an irresistible offer, the first principle is to understand what your customers actually want.


What is their desired outcome?
What is the transformation they’re seeking?
What is their end goal?

So basically you want to create an offer that is absolutely outrageous – We mean something that you’re actually afraid of offering. Because you would be providing so much value to your customer. The emotional component is so powerful.


When you start doing something that scares you, your customers will sense it and it makes them feel that you’re getting an amazing deal. They know there’s no way they can say no to it.


If the offer scares you a little bit, it’s going to connect with e audience and catch their attention. Think about Domino’s for a second and their entire “30 minutes or it’s free” angle. It works so well because the customer can’t help but take notice.


The main thing is, you have to be open to testing irresistible offers. And like everything else in the marketing space — The only way to know what’s working is by testing it and seeing the results.

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