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Build a Community For Your Fitness Brand

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Build a community for your fitness brand


I’ve read somewhere that there we 2 statistics done which I found really interesting.


According to them, the top 10% of your customers on average amounts to almost half of your revenue. So that just means that identifying that 10% of your customer base and putting them in a group where they can talk about your product is a huge investment in the long term.

For example, we’ve seen different product owners, more specifically digital product owners, offer trips overseas and massive cash bonuses to their highest-performing affiliates.


One that comes to mind is Russell Brunson’s (From ClickFunnels) where he ran a campaign a few years ago where he offered to buy a sports car for his top affiliates. If you look at it from another angle this fun, gamified approach works really well and is worth considering as your brand community matures.


Meaning you want to give your brand ambassadors and affiliates a reward for every action they complete. The beauty of this is that there is so many different software out there that help you make all of this manageable.


Just so you get a sense of how powerful communities can be. One of our clients started with these strategies and within a couple of months, he got around 600 members to their private discord group. You’re probably thinking that’s a small number but it is astounding to see up to 10 posts a day about clients’ workout equipment. Community members post pictures, ask questions, and share advice, which creates a community of ambassadors.

To keep your community from dying out you need to keep them excited, so try to collaborate with other influencers. You could create special offers and share special discounts. You could also create brand ambassadors and affiliate programs.


A quick tip: If you notice that certain people in your discord group constantly share advice, post testimonials, and offer feedback. It would be wise to reach out to them and ask them if they’d act as a brand ambassador on your behalf. That is how you incentivize your biggest fans to market your product for you.


So start building your brand community now and think of it as a long-term investment of your time.

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